Area Attractions in Coiba National Park

Snorkeling Tours

Photo Courtesy Fluid Adventures Panama

Snorkeling is a great way to view wildlife below the surface without the need for a lot of equipment or experience. Many providers in Santa Catalina offer snorkeling tours in the area and the Coiba region, and you can arrange multi-day tours to increase the likelihood of viewing sea turtles, sharks, rays, pelagic fish and coral.

On day trips, operators provide knowledge of the best spots to go to see wildlife and provide a fun, safe day of stopping at points of interest. Some snorkel tours however can also include a stop for a hike, a tour of the penal colony and/or stopping at the ANAM visitors’ station to explore the area. Fitting everything into one day is difficult so multi-day tours are highly recommended.

To learn more and book your snorkeling adventure please visit our tours page and contact one of the listed tour providers.